steel boned corset modesty panel, waist reduction, shape wear, add on item, made to measure


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A boned modesty panel that laces onto your custom corset to hide the visible flesh behind the lacing.

This may only be purchased along side a custom corset which can be purchased from one of the following listings:



Steel boned corset, couture, made to measure, waist training, wedding, quirky, valentines


galaxy underbust corset, steel boned, nebula, NASA print, made to measure, unique lingerie, space

Underbust with suspended shaping

Underbust corset with built in suspenders, garter clips, steel boned, waist reduction

Other add on items

Fan lacing for your corset- add fan lacing to your custom corset order. Steel boned corsetry. Underbust, overbust. Waist training


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